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An Explanation of Kitab At-Tawhid

The series of ten lectures covers the following topics: CD 1: Etiquettes of the student & teacher of knowledge. CD 2: Shirk- Its definition & its types (major & minor). CD 3: Kufr- Its definition & its types; Nifaq (hypocrisy). CD 4: Study of al-Jahiliyah, al-Fisq & ad-Dalaal; Apostasy. CD 5: Knowledge of the unseen; Magic & fortune-telling; Sacrifices; Rulings of statues & symbols of remembrance CD 6: Ruling on nationalism and 'isms'; Use of ruqyah & amulets. CD 7: Loving the Prophet;Importance of sending salah & salam upon him. CD 8: Virtues of the household and the companions of the Prophet. CD 9: Bid'ah (innovation) - Its meaning, types and ruling. CD 10: Stance of Ahlus-Sunnah towards innovators; Current innovations.

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The Last Person to Leave Hellfire

By Imam Anwar Al Awlaki

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Khalid Bin Waleed's love for Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him

It is said that Al-Waleed, in the middle of a battle, stopped fighting to look for his helmet where he had kept a strand of hair of the Prophets Hair

Note: please click "Play" button in bottom left to stream the video.

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Signs of the Last Day

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Harun Yahya - Satanism

Harun Yahya, the Muslim Scholar gives us an insight into the bloody teachings of Satanism and the evils of it. It is an interesting video portraying some beliefs held by satanists.  

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The End Of Time | A New Beginning

The Day of Judgement (AL Qiyamah), a day where the complete destruction of Earth and the Universe will take place. A day of destruction and terror that has never been witnessed by any eye before.This event will mark the final day of life on Earth, it will also be the start of a new eternal life in the Hereafter. Lecture Titles & Speakers: 1. One Man to Unite Them All...The Return of Jesus(AS) by Uthman Lateef 2. Flat Line...The Point of No Return by SUhaib Hasan 3. The Sound of The Trumpet...The Real Terror Starts by Murtaza Khan 4. Ghafla...Time Waits For No Man by Abdul Majeed Alee Hasan Bonus Lecture: Paradise or Hell...Your Just Reward by Anwar al-Awlaki

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Some Advice To The Muslim Women

By Khalid Yasin. This lecture is a vital one to watch, for both sisters and brothers. Shaykh Khalid Yasin goes through many important topics, such as the rights and responsibilities of the wife to husband and vice-versa, the controversial issue of polygamy (multiple marriage) - the wisdom and legitimacy behind it and much more. The Shaykh also gives lots of advice for a successful and happy marriage.

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Key To Paradise

This is a course discussing the conditions of the testimony of faith in detail while focusing on current affairs. "Say: Verily I call to my Lord and I do not ascribe any partners to Him at all." [72:20] "Truth has come and falsehood has vanished, surely falsehood is ever bound to vanish." [17:81]

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Man Died In Sujood

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