A Ramadan Gift from Sheikh. Waleed Abdulhakeem May Allah reward him!

Message from the Sheikh:
Assalamu alaikum warahmat Allah wa barakatuh. The greatest month in the entire year is almost here, and the race to Firdaws will just begin, but did you prepare properly for the great guest that only visits us once a year? Lets face it. Most people are too busy to read a whole book these days or attend an entire class about Ramadan, but this FREE 39 page Summary Guide of Ramadan will get you prepared in less than what it takes you to read a newspaper inshallah! Some of the tips you will discover inside:

Fiqh of Ramadan: From Quran & Sunnah with the strongest opinion among scholars.
Ramadan’s History: The History of Ramadan & Fasting
Perfect Intentions: How to purify your intention for fasting.
Virtues of Fasting: The benefits and wisdom behind each action.
Multiply your reward: The recommended acts during fasting, and the disliked (Makrooh)
Special cases regarding fasting: The traveler, the person who is ill, the elderly person, the pregnant and breastfeeding woman, etc.
Beware! What nullifies a person’s fasting.
No Worries: What is Permissible for the Fasting Person to do
Sweet Ending: Zakatul- Fitr: The conditions to do it, and the wisdom behind it.